Seven Rules for Using LinkedIn As a Sales Prospecting Tool

LinkedIn is a precious social network geared towards getting professional connections. It’s a gold-mine of prospecting opportunities for any sales representative keen to spend some time to understand it and use it properly. The following list provides seven principles anyone in the sales profession ought to keep in mind while using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool.

Make sure personal profile is obviously up-to-date. That you want to supply as much data in an efficient way to prospects who might be viewing your profile for future business. Your LinkedIn profile should have a link to your company site, in addition to any other company social media links. Many prospects will wish to”check out” what services you supply and more details about your customers and company before they contact you so as to not waste their valuable time.

Run an online search on companies that can benefit from product or service offerings. On many business websites you may come across names of managers/leaders to connect with. Proteus Leadership Most control people, those who make buying decisions, will be on LinkedIn. Possessing a social connection can prove to be much easier for you to get appointments with leaders without needing to go through their gatekeepers first. People today tend to boss their own personal social network accounts instead of have them tracked by someone else.

Help contacts out since reciprocity works. Whenever one of your LinkedIn contacts matches with you personally or arranges an introduction to you, be sure to thank them. Also, get into the habit of giving your contacts endorsements and more significantly references. LinkedIn makes endorsing other’s abilities of others easy and adding private references shows you really know the professionalism of others.